Congratulations to the finalists in the EQUITANA Melbourne Innovation Awards. We received a large amount of entries across both sections and the quality was very high. Keep an eye out on facebook as we interview and share videos on our finalists.

On Friday our winner / runner up will be notified to attend the Awards Presentation Night at 6.30pm Saturday Night.


(In no particular order) Judges comments included:

Seaver connected girth “Great concept – wearables are proving to be an important aspect of both human and horse athletics. There are other wearable devices on the market, however it appears this product is the most advanced in that category.”  Great tool for data collection during training”

Rescue Swag  “Love this rescue sway, having always travelled with a homemade kit in my float I love the versatility of this little pack.”  “This looks like it is a great idea.” “Very well thought out product. Great for use in the equine world. Versatile, easy to transport and uses smart technology.”

Ferrari Trifecta – “Great concept. Certainly a space saver particularly when travelling to and from shows. Perhaps they could partner with Equivan and have their product sold as an additional extra.” “Good idea for people without saddle racks in their floats, I like that it has grooming products still easily accessible when the saddle is sitting on top. I would use this product.”

Horse Happening Website – “Great idea”. “A marketplace where horse related events are posted is a great concept. Easy to use booking system and simple to browse different events. Interesting to see if health care professionals jump on board with this concept as well”


(In no particular order) Judges comments included:

Airfeed – “What an innovative concept! Particularly for large scale operations, such as racing and performance horse stables, this will be a huge labour saving system. Many hours are spent not only mixing feeds but delivering them to the horses. This system allows direct delivery to the stable at different times of the day and night. This would be very important for horses required to perform at different times of the day and night.” “Great idea and potential for studs, racing stables, large barns.  Love the idea of regular small feeds.”

Orscana Horse Monitor – “Great idea! I believe there are other apps available for when to rug/remove rugs. That being said, the integration of the sensor is a unique concept. Certainly solves a common problem”, “Horse health is important” “Love this idea, so many people over rug, let’s get an app to keep us on track with rugging.”

Equivan – “Great concept – appears to bring some of the features only available in luxury trucks to a smaller scale.” “Fantastic Idea” ” I would love to own this, frees up the car to whizz into town when you’re at an event.  Hopefully doesn’t come with a truck like price tag.”

Off Grid Solar – “Love this, would love one on all the shelters in the paddocks.” “Great concept, solves a problem and differentiates itself from other competitors by being easy to assemble and install.” “Always good to help the environment”